Clay Creations

handprint keepsakes

Handprint Keepsakes

Let us help you capture your child’s hand and footprints to create an unique ceramic impression for your family to cherish. We use high quality non-toxic clay to take a detailed impression of the hands, or feet of your child or beloved pet. The print is then personalized, glazed and kiln fired to create a long lasting ceramic keepsake to remind you just how precious your little treasures are. They make great gifts for parents, grandparents, and other family members.
Clay Creations

Pottery Wheel

For the experienced and novice artist alike, we have an array of opportunities for you to use of our pottery wheels. Book a date night with that special someone or book a night out with a friend. We offer individual or group classes. After your initial class you can rent the wheels by the hour or if you need the extra support from our instructors you can book additional classes. Call for more information.

Pinch Pots, Coil Pots and Slabs

Hand building with clay is a great way to introduce clay to beginner potters. There are three different ways to do hand building, pinch, coil and slabs. Coil building is the easiest way to start because the pots are constructed by gradually stacking rolled coils of clay. Pinch form is great for beginners but still fun for the experienced potter and pieces can be ornamental or functional. Hand building with slabs is a little more advanced than pinch or coil building and a great way to get shapes that could never be created on a potter’s wheel. Call to reserve our event room for your family, friends, school, work, or church group today!